High Intensity Discharge Lamp

Type: Electrical Device / Lighting Technology

Description: High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are a type of electrical gas-discharge lamp that produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes housed inside a translucent or transparent fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube. The arc tube is filled with both gas and metals. The principal gases used are mercury vapor, sodium vapor, and metal halides. These lamps are known for their high efficiency and intense light output, making them suitable for large areas and outdoor lighting applications such as streetlights, stadium lights, and industrial lighting.


  1. Efficiency: High energy efficiency compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.
  2. Light Output: Produces a very bright and intense light.
  3. Color Temperature: Available in various color temperatures depending on the type of gas and metal used.
  4. Lifespan: Longer lifespan compared to incandescent and some fluorescent lamps.
  5. Warm-Up Time: Requires a warm-up period to reach full brightness.
  6. Heat Emission: Generates a significant amount of heat during operation.


    1. Similar to: Fluorescent lamps, LED lamps.
    2. Used in: Street lighting, stadium lighting, industrial lighting, automotive headlights.
    3. Components: Arc tube, tungsten electrodes, gas (mercury vapor, sodium vapor, or metal halides).
    4. Replaces: Incandescent bulbs in applications requiring high light output.

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